Easy Strawberry Preserves


I love to make homemade things, as you know.  If I can do homemade with ease and avoid buying or having all the extra coloring, sugar and preservatives, I prefer this.  Let’s be honest though, healthier isn’t always easier.  In this case, however, it definately is.  It took me about 20 minutes to make these delicious strawberry preserves.  They are no cook, no fuss, freezer preserves.  I buy strawberries and other berries when they are in season and cheap.  I take them home and wash them and place them in quart size bags in my freezer.  This way I always have fresh fruit on hand to bake with.  I had lots of frozen strawberries from last season, so I decided I would use the Ball canning companies recipe for freezer preserves, and they are magnificent.  You freeze them in plastic containers.  I went ahead and bought the Ball freezer preserve containers in the canning section of the store and the freezer preserve pectin.  The containers hold a pint and there are five in a pack.  They are reasonably priced with little screw on lids for about $3 dollars a pack.  Very user friendly with a place to write and they are stackable.  They can be put in the frigerator for 6 months or in the freezer for 1 year.  They are reusable, which makes them a good investment.  These are a great alternative to storebought jellies, jams and preserves.  Enjoy!

Easy Strawberry Preserves

Easy Strawberry Preserves (Ball Freezer Preserves Recipe)

1 pkg Ball Freezer Preserves Pectin
1 1/2 cups sugar or Splenda
4 cups crushed fruit
5 1 pint freezer preserve jars
In a large bowl, combine the pectin and sugar.  In a separate bowl, crush your fruit.  You should have 4 cups of crushed fruit.  I used frozen strawberries, so I thawed them most of the way and then drained the liquid off.  I put this in the bowl and crushed them with a potato masher.  It was about 2 quarts of frozen strawberries.  Add the fruit to the pectin/sugar mixture and combine.  Stir for 3 minutes.  Ladle into freezer jars.  Screw on lids and let sit out until set.  They will be pretty firmly set, but a little looser than jelly or jam you buy.  You can store them in the freezer for up to a year!  Pull one out whenever you need it and let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator.  Enjoy!

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